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Healdton Fires City Manager, Two Police Officers


HEALDTON, OK -- City management problems continue tonight in one Texoma town. Healdton city officials are trying to fill several positions after they were vacated over the weekend.

"I don't know what happened, but it must've been something serious is all I know," said Brend McKee. "I mean to do that much letting off in one time."

Healdton city officials are on the lookout for police officers and a new city manager.

"I didn't really feel he was competent to do what we needed done here in Healdton," said Bill Dixon, a resident of the town since 1980. "-He had his own agenda and it just didn't fit ours."

City council members voted unanimously to terminate Charles Clark in a special meeting on Saturday.

The co-interim city managers say the process of finding the next city manager for Headlton will begin at next Monday's city council meeting.

Many people in Healdton say they would like the next city manager to be more personable.

"I'd like to see a city manager that can deal with the people, that will listen to the people," said Dixon. Because, Charles didn't want to listen to anybody."

The city manager position is temporarily being filled by Adrienne Louwerse and Brian Scribner.

The interim's say last Friday two of the city's three police officers were terminated.

Interim police chief Jarod Barnes had been placed on indefinite leave after a protective order had been placed on him earlier in the week.

Tuesday, the co-city managers announced they had hired a new officer to join the force.

"He had actually applied with the department several weeks ago," said Louwerse. "We just had a chance today to get an interview and get him hired."

The interim city managers say Headlton's police force usually has four officers on staff.

Louwerse says the public is invited to attend next Monday's city council meeting.     

She also says the Carter County Sheriff's Office is continuing to assist Healdton police with law enforcement.