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New Early Voting Location for Grayson County


SHERMAN -- Finalizations were made this morning for early voting in Grayson County for the joint Democrat and Republican primary.

The early voting will begin May 19th and run through May 23rd. There will still be five locations throughout the county, however one location has changed.

The Grayson County courthouse will no longer be an early voting location. Rather the Elections Administration building across the street from the courthouse will be the new early voting location.

"Its been in the making for a number of months now. And we are going to be happy for the voters of the county to be able to use our new building for early voting," says Deana Patterson the Grayson County Election Administrator.

Other locations for early voting include the sub-courthouse in Denison, the Pottsboro ISD administration building, Whitesboro City Hall and Grayson College in Van Alystyne. You can vote at any one of these locations during early voting.