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Texoma among worst places to live for allergy sufferers



SHERMAN, TX -- According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, Oklahoma City and Dallas are in the top ten worst cities for spring allergies. Texoma falls right in the middle.

Sherman Allergist Dr. Vern Laing says one in four people suffer from this inherited disease.

"The safest way to not have allergies is to pick your parents," said Laing.  

Laing says the next best method to avoid pollen is staying indoors. And unfortunately tells us, there's no age limit on developing these pesky symptoms.

"I didn't start developing allergies until I was probably right around my thirties," said Keith Bibb.

Bibb says he's come to dread spring and summer time because of allergies and that over the counter medication hasn't helped much.

"It helps to a point," said Bibb. "It doesn't clear it out completely, but it does allow me a little bit of rest."

But if you haven't found the right medication, doctors advise to keep searching.

"The key is to pick one out that works for you," said Laing, "and the only way you determine that is trial and error. There is no perfect medication."

Working with Sherman Parks and Recreation, staying indoors isn't an option for Bibb.

"I have work to do out here at the pool," he said. "I've got to be out here no matter what the pollen count is."

Another option for allergy sufferers - a pollen mask, something you can find at your local pharmacy."They're highly efficient in filtering out pollen," said Laing. "If you're mowing a yard, working in the garden, if your buddies don't make too much fun of you even while you're playing golf or going fishing."

Dr. Laing tells KTEN the reason why allergy suffers have problems in this area is because of the amount of trees in Texoma and the warmer temperatures, compared to other states.

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