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Youth Group Walks 40 Miles For Mission Trip


ARDMORE, OK -- A Texoma youth group took their first steps of a unique journey early Saturday morning.

Their journey began with a single step a little after five in the morning on Saturday.

The youth group from Lone Grove Assembly of God is carrying an eight foot cross to a destination forty miles away.

"We are headed to Sulphur, Oklahoma," said Daniel Pruett.

"Wow! I didn't know that," said Emily Rousey, a Texoman who donated to the you group.

"They got a ways to go," said Rousey's husband, Tim. "They're doing a good thing."

Youth pastor Daniel Pruett says the group is hoping their walk will help raise funds for their mission trip to New Orleans in July.

"But it also serves a second purpose because people see the cross and see teenagers you know stepping out in faith," said Pruett.

Pruett says they performed the feat last year, traveling from Tishomingo to Durant.

As they neared the halfway point, just south of Springer, 14 miles had taken it's toll.

"They're looking pretty good," said McKinlee Pruett, Daniel's wife from the support van trailing the group. "Some of them are kind of getting tired but they're going to start taking shifts so hopefully they make it the whole way. I know they will."

Despite the cramps, blisters, and aches...

"Carrying the cross was pretty hard because it hurts your shoulder a little bit," said Brycen Cox.

The group pushes toward their goal. Step by step. Mile by mile.

"If you do something different, you never know what's going to happen," said Pruett.

All you have to do is take that first step Pruett says.

Pruett notified KTEN News the group had finished their 40 mile journey to Sulphur a little after 9:30 PM that night.