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Oklahoma and Kansas To Honor Turnpike Passes


ADA,OK--Oklahoma commuters will have something to look forward to by the end of 2014. Just this week, Oklahoma and Kansas turnpike authorities agreed to begin honoring each other's pike passes.

Joshua Dillard lives in Ada, Oklahoma. For the past four years, however, he has made a monthly commute to Wichita, Kansas, for Marine Corps training.   

He says turnpike fees have cost him a pretty penny--all of which he has to pay out-of-pocket.

"I know if you stop at every toll both and pay the general toll, roundtrip costs about $18," said Dillard. "It is a good chunk of change out of my pocket."

Traveling between the two states is about to get a lot easier for Dillard and thousands of other drivers. This week, Oklahoma and Kansas turnpike authorities agreed to accept each others turnpike passes. Texomans say the transition makes sense.

Ada resident and commuter Shelley Bailey said: "Then you wouldn't have to worry about planning your whole route and wonder do I have to stop? Pay? Do I throw money in the bucket? Just sail right through."

By the end of this year, Kansas drivers will be able to use their K-TAGS to gain access just as Oklahomans use their PikePasses.

"I think it's a great deal, because then I don't have to buy a PikePass and a K-TAG," said Dillard.

We spoke to Jim Hazeldine with the Oklahoma PikePass Authority who says the new system will make the commute more efficient for thousands of Oklahomans.  

"We'd say roughly our customers make about 1,000 trips a day into Kansas," said Hazeldine. "We have 1.4 million sticker tags or PikePass tags out there."

Hazeldine added that they are hoping to honor Dallas North Tollway passes by this fall, and have all national tolling authorities interoperable by 2016.

The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority wants to emphasize that drivers will not need a new turnpike pass. Whichever pass you prefer to use will be accepted across state lines by the end of this year.