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Police Investigating Suspicious House Fire In Whitewright


WHITEWRIGHT, TX -- Investigators are looking into a suspicious fire in Grayson County, and now police are also calling the fire scene a crime scene tonight.

Firefighters say it's possible because of the early hour that no one noticed the fire burning for a while this morning, but by the time they got there, it was engulfed, and police say it all started with a family issue.

Police say one victim sustained injuries during a family feud at a Whitewright home that ended with a huge fire.

"The house caught fire, he managed to get out and we've got him out of the hospital," says victim's mom Jane Matthews.

Some neighbors' dogs alerted them to the fire in the 500 block of West Walnut Street. "When we first noticed it, it was about 7:15 or so, and it was pretty well engulfed in flames, pretty much the whole thing," says witness Charla Flowers.

"There was a man came outside hollering 'help' and I heard him and I went out the back door and that's when I saw the fire," says witness Jack Turner. "It began at the front of the house and just consumed the house from there. The house was gone in a half-hour."

Police say a father and son live at the home. "He has a son that lives there, but he's not here right now," says Matthews. "He was able to get out, he was able to get through, it engulfed pretty quick, this house is way over 100 years old."

"I just seen him over there they had 'em laid out on the ground over here behind the ambulance, and then they had another one laying on the ground there about halfway down to the house," says witness Carl Braswell.

Looking at how the fire blackened the side of some trees, you can get an idea of just how hot it was, and firefighters actually had to come back in the afternoon when one of the larger trees next to the house started burning again.

"After the older people died, Mr. and Mrs. Brown, one of their sons moved in there, and he lived there until he passed away," says Braswell.

Now, police are investigating exactly what happened to send one man to the hospital and leave the home destroyed.

"When I got out there, I mean them flames were shooting 15, 20 feet, the house was just engulfed," says witness Chuck Sims.

Fire Chief Jake Reynolds says Whitewright, Tom Bean, Bells, Van Alstyne, Howe, and Westminster firefighters responded. Police Lt. Beau Heistand says officers are still investigating the case.