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Pontotoc County Students Get Hands-On with Health Care


ADA, OK--Hundreds of Texoma students got the chance to explore their local career options today. Organizers say Wednesday's event allowed students to get up close and personal with their future jobs.

Pontotoc County students gathered by the hundreds inside Ada's Agriplex Wednesday morning to get hands-on with health care.    

Ada High School senior Jacob Reed said, "Today we are learning about healthy eating, healthy snacks and careers around Ada that we wouldn't know about normally."

The Chickasaw Nation, Mercy Hospital and the Pontotoc County Technology Center partnered up to offer students 25 career stations ranging from emergency medical services to women's health.

Kate Elliott--HR manager for the Chickasaw Nation Department of Health--said: "Hopefully some of these students will realize there's more than just a nurse and a physician. You could go into pharmacy, there's a dental assistant, you could be a pharmacy tech."

Organizers say Wednesday was all about getting students hands-on with their health care options. They say it's the best way to introduce them to the fields they're truly interested in.

"It's a hands-on field," said Eugene Dicksion, director of EMS at Mercy Hospital. "That's the most important part is getting that experience to see if you like it or not. You may think you want to be a nurse, but you don't like the blood."

Students tried their hand at CPR, administering IVs, and even sutering dead chickens. Ada seniors said the experience was helpful.

Senior Casey Mankin said, "I plan on going into the medical field and becoming an anesthesiologist, and having these stations helped me out quite a bit."

"It kind of helps what you want to do in the future," said senior Aaliyah Blakley.

Elliott said she wanted the day to spark an interest.

"You see them learning a little bit, and they're like 'Wow that's really interesting!'Hopefully that gets the dialogue going of what classes they would need to take, what training they would need to get into that career," she said.

Today's health care event is part of a career program that starts for Pontotoc County juniors. Organizers told us these interactive days grow even more important as the students near graduation.