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Durant man arrested in connection to body found


DURANT -- OSBI agents say they've arrested Raymond Jay Stewart of Durant on charges of first degree murder. He's been in the hospital with a broken finger, but he'll be booked in the Bryan County jail on a $2 million bond.

Shortly after 4 on Monday afternoon, Bryan County dispatch received a call about a body near Kanola creek, three miles east of Durant near old highway 70.

"Lawmen went out there and actually did find the body of a deceased male," said Jessica Brown, PIO Director of OSBI. "They called in OSBI to help investigate."

Police say someone driving by the creek noticed the body and made the call. The sheriff's office says it isn't releasing the 9-1-1 tape yet.

People that own the property might have driven by it several times not knowing it was there. They tell KTEN they weren't aware of the investigation until they actually saw the police.

Investigators had a difficult area to work with. KTEN found the body of a dead dog in the creek and it looked as though it had been tossed over of the bridge.

Police have yet to identify the body. Brown says the manner of death is still unknown.

"My agents have done a lot of work," said Brown, "in the past -oh gosh 24 hours and have made good head way, but there's still a lot to do"

Stewart claims he did not know the victim. The two met at a local bar on Friday night and met up at another location on Saturday morning, which is when the murder occurred.