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Sherman hires Bill Patterson to lead football program

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SHERMAN, TX -- SISD superintendent Dr. Al Hambrick and athletic director Tommy Hudspeth promised they'd have a head football coach recommend to the board by March 24.

They delivered.

Justin Northwest head coach Bill Patterson is Sherman bound.

The school board would unanimously approve his hiring and Hudspeth would give him a phone call after to let him know the good news.

Patterson graduated from Texas Tech, getting his masters at Vanderbilt.

He was actually offered this job back in 2003 but wouldn't accept. He's been a head coach in Texas since 1996.

He, along with coach Hudspeth and Dr. Hambrick are thrilled for the opportunity.

"When you have a one school, one town kind of a deal, I think it's an opportunity to get everybody going in the right direction and build a program and have a program that has a chance to be competitive on the state level," he said.

"It's a great relief and he is the one that the committee voted the very first time that we took a straw vote, he was the one that the committee wanted and so after a lot of negotiating and further checking all the reference checks that need to be done and everything just verified the committee's thoughts that he was a great fit for this job and is going to be a really good asset to this community," Hudspeth added.

"he's experienced, the level of coaching that he had for a number of years also impressed us. And so, we really felt like that he's a good fit for Sherman, Sherman ISD and we're looking forward to him getting started," Hambrick concluded.

He'll get started Monday, says he's impressed with the staff in place and is hopeful to participate in spring ball.