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TCC shares success stories from clients with IDD


SHERMAN, TX -- The Texoma Community Center has been providing services to those with mental illness since it opened in 1974.

In the 23 years Paula Cawthon has been with the TCC, she says she's seen the financial ups and down depending on the state's budget.

"Sometimes new money comes in," said Cawthon, "to do some services we've never done before. And that's kind of what's happening right now."

The new services include helping those with intellectual and developmental delays, also known as IDD.

"With March being IDD month," said Cawthon, "we're trying to call attention to the people that we serve."

The TCC helps those with IDD become more independent. The ultimate goal of the program is to help clients find a job. The Salvation Army in Sherman works with the TCC to find new hires.

"If there's a client that has gone through their program that they're recommending to us," said Major Don Wildish, "if they can fit into our program then we certainly will consider that."

Wildish says agencies like the TCC and Salvation Army work closely together to benefit clients within the area. Cawthon says the program's success continues to increase. She also says some clients eventually learn to live on their own.

"Their self-esteem just improves like 300 percent," says Cawthon. "And they're out there working, they're out there doing other things that people are doing."

Cawthon said 3% of the Texas population has IDD. She shares four of her client's success stories every March.