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Sherman woman still hospitalized after crash involving road debris


SHERMAN -- We've all been there: Driving down the road and the load the vehicle in front of you is carrying looks like it could come crashing into your car at any second.

A Sherman woman had it happen to her.

The woman's family says she was on her way to work from Sherman to Denison when she crashed Saturday into items that have no place on the road.

Theresa Pierce, 49, was behind the wheel of her four-door car when she swerved to avoid an ironing board and wooden rocking chair.

"You can't even describe it, it was total panic," Pierce's daughter Brandi Wyman said.

Wyman says her mom was on the way to work when it happened on US 75 above the Travis Street exit.

Sherman police say the items fell off the back of a pick-up truck because they weren't properly tied down.

"I think they must've been moving and dropped stuff but, you know, at the same time if you drop things you should always stop to pick them up," Wyman said.

Pierce was rushed by ambulance to Texas Health Presbyterian-WNJ.

Wyman says doctors diagnosed her with a spinal compression fracture. She may miss months of work.

Sherman police say the driver was ticketed for failing to secure their load, a class "c" misdemeanor.

DPS says the violation is commonly referred to as the "tarp law" which makes it illegal when materials being carried in your vehicle blows or spills out. It comes with a fine of between $25 and $500.

Wyman, meantime, says she's relieved the wreck didn't turn out worse but feels it all could've been avoided.

"Please, please secure your things," she said. "Things can happen in a split second and you never know. If it was your loved one, you know, you would want someone to make sure that your items in the road didn't cause them to wreck and be severely injured or even worse, be killed."