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Qualifying Quarter Horse Show In Ardmore


ARDMORE, OK -- They were horsing around at Hardy Murphy Coliseum in Ardmore Saturday. If you've never been to a quarter horse show, this is just a sample of what you might see.

"It's an adrenaline rush," said Megan O'Brien, a rider from Ft. Worth, Texas. "It's so much fun. It's exciting, I guess that's the only way to explain it."

That applause is for the horse named Peaches, not for the rider named Megan O'Brien

"They can do so many things," said O'Brien. "And their brain is so excellent and yet they're so  athletic. They can do whatever you want."

Managers of the three-day show say quarter horses can perform a wide variety of tasks.

Events over the weekend showing include, barrel racing, jumping and calf roping.

The show was originally held out near Duncan on the Morgan family ranch. Now it is part of a qualifying circuit for the American Quarter Horse Association's world show.

"They got too big," said Joan Morgan, who serves as a secretary for the show and has been working with it for over 30 years. "Like their began to be so many people when they all plugged their trailers in the transformers blew up and it was exciting."

The show then moved to Hardy Murphy Coliseum about 15 years ago, which has benefited both the show and Ardmore.

"Many of them are from out of state and they get hotel rooms," said Morgan. "They all go to town to eat, they all go buy things at the stores, they shop."

Owners and riders say shows like this one are competitive, but everyone acts like one big family.

"You love to see people do good and it's a lot of the same people and it takes years and years," said Lisa Manlove, a rider from McAlester.

"You get into and its good," said O'Brien. "You have fun and everybody has a great time with it."

Show managers say the show will conclude Sunday and all events are free to the public.