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New Businesses To Begin Construction Soon


ARDMORE, OK -- City officials say several building permits have been issued for new businesses to come to Ardmore.

The intersection of 12th Avenue and Rockford Road in Ardmore is already a busy one. But you can expect it be a bit busier in the near future.

"12th Avenue is a major thoroughfare," said Jessica Scott, a building inspector for the city of Ardmore. "On 12th and Rockford, I look to see so much growth there, that tends to be where everyone wants to go. I mean, we all go there."

Scott says building permits have been issued for several hotels, a Chick-fil-A restaurant and several other businesses in the area.

Several projects in the area have already started. Work has begun in the space right next to a new car dealership on Rockford road as well as along 12th Avenue, crews here are finishing up demolition to make way for a new AT&T store.

Ardmoreites say they are excited for the new projects to begin.

"I'm glad of all the new restaurants coming in and new hotels coming in," said Jackie De La Rosa, who moved back to Ardmore in July.

Officials from the development services in Ardmore say this is the first step for what could be a spot for big commercial growth in the future.

"Businesses want to come here so it's wonderful for the citizens," said Scott.

"Just the progress, the progress and the jobs that are coming into town," said De La Rosa.

"We want the businesses to come here and they want to come here so we're only in a space for growth. It's great," said Scott.

Scott says a start date for construction depends on the contractors for the projects, but the issuance of a building permit means construction is imminent.