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Denison Crash Sends Two Cartwright Men To Hospital


DENISON, TX -- A crash involving an 88-year-old man sends him and another Bryan County man to the hospital this afternoon when their pickup trucks collide at a Denison intersection.

The accident happened near Dave's Ski and Tackle, just off Highway 75 in Denison.

Police say the driver of a blue pickup truck, Johnny Powell, 88, of Cartwright, was heading southbound on the Highway 75 frontage road and failed to yield at the stop sign. He was taken by ambulance to TMC.

That's when they say he collided with a white pickup that was heading north on Highway 91 being driven by Terry Driggs, 52, of Cartwright, causing it to roll and flip upside down. He was taken by helicopter to Medical Center of Plano.

Police said Thursday afternoon their injuries not believed to be life-threatening.

The crash happened at Highway 91 and the Highway 75 frontage road. "The two vehicles collided in the intersection," says police Lt. Mike Eppler.

"It was airborne, this white pickup, in the middle of the road. It flipped 3 or 4 times," says witness Norman Briggs.

Briggs says he was headed to the auto parts store in Sherman around 2 p.m. when he suddenly found himself in the middle of a life-and-death situation.

"I said, 'Just keep talking to me, buddy. Help's on the way,' and he was wanting us to cut him out and I said, 'No we can't do that and so we just talked to him and told him it was gonna be alright,'" says Briggs.

"We went out there to the passenger side it was crushed and I didn't think anybody was alive and I got around to the driver's side and there was so much blood. There was like a pint of blood on the ceiling," says witness Brenda Weaver.

"I was fixing to put a tourniquet on him, just my apron, and then two ladies came walking up and said they were doctors, so I backed up and told them what I was fixing to do and then one of them, she took something from her hair to use," says witness Pat Wright.

"One doctor was at one car, the other doctor was at the other, and they were assessing them and taking care of them," says Weaver.

"He was upside down and still in his seat buckled in," says Cartwright firefighter Dylan Downing. "They were both conscious, coherent, they knew what day it was and everything."

"They were talking. Confused, very confused talking," says Weaver.

Workers here at Dave's Ski and Tackle say this isn't the first time they've seen accidents here at this intersection and they want something done.

"The stop sign doesn't seem to be working," says Weaver. "We need a stoplight!"

"Especially before the school opens," says Wright.

"Since that bridge was built, I bet there's been 35 or 40 [accidents]," says witness James Scally.

Meantime, Briggs is thinking of the driver who he told to stay awake. "It happened so fast you really don't know what happened, so I hope they're both okay," says Briggs.