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Stonewall Opens Century-Old Safe


STONEWALL, OK--A safe dating back to the early 1900's was recently opened after sitting in an old Texoma bank for 115 years. Theories about what was inside circulated around town for decades.

Stonewall may be considered small-town USA where everybody knows everybody, but it has guarded a secret for almost a century.   

Theories about what was inside this safe at the old First State Bank on Main Street has been the town's biggest unsolved mystery. City administrator Dennis Heath says he recently took the vault to a local restoration shop, and it took them three months just to open it.

"You know there were all kinds of myths about what might be inside of it," said Heath. "Lots of money maybe. Or maybe some gold bars or something of that nature? And inside the safe was another safe."

Inside that was a rare collection of foreign coins from countries like France, Mexico and Canada. Now the focus of the safe has fully shifted to its restoration.

"People will see it, and it will capture their attention and transport them back in time to when Stonewall used to be a hopping-kind of town," said Heath.

Heath tells us that his best guess is that the safe was first used by the settlers of Stonewall.

"I suppose it points to the fact that in those days Stonewall had a wider world view--these foreign coins being there," said Heath.

Shop owners Bill and Josh Steele say the project has been an honor.

"It's just so cool that Stonewall is trying to get its heritage back, and trying to grow further and stay living," said Bill Steele.

To finally crack the code, Heath said it took community interest and teamwork--a winning combination. R

The city first approached the television show "American Restoration" with the project before agreeing on a deal with the Stonewall-based shop. Heath says the safe should be back on Main Street in a few weeks.