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Highport Marina celebrates spring with biggest boat yet


POTTSBORO -- A light breeze, warmer temperatures and a 2.7 million dollar boat. Spring has made its way to Highport Marina in Pottsboro.

"Today is huge," said Christi Bliss, Highport Vice President. "Today is something that we've really needed around the lake because people think the lake is closed. Obviously the lake is not closed."

At 67 feet, Highport's largest boat yet made a splash on Thursday. Even with ongoing concerns about low water levels, marina managers says the yacht should have no problem navigating the lake.

"Overall Lake Texoma is a really big lake," Bliss said. "It's a really deep lake. We have a deep channel here at Highport and some of the other marinas as well"

The boat came from Wisconsin, which is rare - because it's made at an inland factory -- and it took a week to build. The proud owner of the boat says he can't wait to take it out on the lake.

"I'm very excited," said Bob McGraw. "I've had big boats before but not this big. This is a big deal for me"

Mcgraw says his grandchildren were the main reason he bought it. He says they'll spend many summer weekends at the marina. He says his passion for boats started in his childhood and grew overtime... 
Like the size of the boats he bought. 

"It's never big enough," he said, "you buy a little one then a bigger one, then a bigger one."

Marina managers say they're excited too since boating season is just getting started. 

"We're in business to do some boating this summer," said Bliss.