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Customers make last-ditch effort to "Keep Braum's Open"


SHERMAN -- A group in Sherman is making a last-ditch effort to save a restaurant that's set to close.

Braum's on Travis Street is a busy place filled with people stocking up, filling up and now fired up about the company's decision to shut down the store.

"This place should stay open," longtime customer Marsha Gaddis said. "I don't know who why its closing."

Late last week, the Oklahoma City-based business announced its closing the location this Sunday.

It's has been a popular hang-out in downtown Sherman since it opened 37 years ago.

"As a child, I would walk from Piner Middle School and between there and home this was my pit stop," Gaddis said.

But the sentimental value and the food aren't the only reasons customers are attached.

It's where many senior citizens who can't go far from home get their groceries.

And, it's one of the few places within walking distance of a nearby school.

"It's really a shame," parent Heidi Yoder said. "It needs to stay open for the kids."

Nearly 200 people have joined a Facebook group titled "Keep Braum's Open."

Thursday, the group set up shop inside the store collecting more than 300 signatures on a petition to keep doors open.

"We've been posting, we've been emailing. We've even called corporate," Mickie Martin said.

"I did sign the petition for this place to stay open and I'm praying that it does," Gaddis said.

A Braum's representative says it was always the company's intention to close the Travis Street location when it opened another location nearby on Highway 75 in Sherman. Five years later, they say that time has finally come.

In a email to KTEN, Braum CEO Drew Braum said, "Closing a store in such a great community is never easy. We're so thankful that the folks in Sherman have been supportive of us through the years and we're really pleased with the response to our newer location," he said. "It's just that the original store is outdated. It's so small it can't even accommodate all the products we offer."

The company says all employees at the Travis location have been offered jobs at the Braum's located at 2506 Highway 75 North.

But customers the store has just what they need: Good food and friendly faces, and they're willing to fight to keep it.

"Everybody greats you," customer Karen Tooley said. "Everybody knows your name."

"It's a vital part of the community here and it serves needs that the new Braum's out on the Highway cannot serve," customer Susan McGinn said.

Braum's is set to close Sunday.

The group "Keep Braum's Open" is planning one last get-together at the store at 7pm Sunday before doors close for good at 10:30pm.