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Grayson Co. Shelter benefits from Dickey's Barbecue


SHERMAN, TX -- As if you needed another reason to grab some barbecue before your weekend, a local restaurant is topping it off by donating a portion of its sales to a local charity.

For the first time, Dickey's Barbecue Pit will donate 15% of its sales made this Friday to the Grayson County Homeless Shelter.

The donation couldn't come at a better time.

"We lost some of our state and federal grant," said Michelle Holcomb, the shelter case manager. "We're going to be getting it back, but we just try to get a little bit of extra money to keep the shelter running and to have it available for residents if they need something."

Holcomb has been with the shelter for the past three years. She said the building itself has seen many renovations, but right now the real need for money goes to the residents within the shelter.

"I know some of our residents are in need of say a tool belt or a lunchbox for a new job that they just got," she said. 

Holcomb said medications, cleaning supplies and even driver ID registration fees are on the needed list.

Dickey's Barbecue Pit isn't the only organization willing to help the shelter.

"A bunch of people in the community," she said, "want to help people in need and are willing to do whatever is needed,"

In the past, Holcomb says the shelter leaned on funding through rodeo type events, but saw potential success in reaching out to local restaurants.

Dickey's was at the top of their list. She says the shelter would be pleased with any amount of money made Friday.

"Any amount would be great," she said. "It would be awesome to raise say a thousand or two thousand dollars possibly. Maybe more."

The fundraiser only applies to the Sherman location on highway 75. It takes place from open to close, just remember to mention the Grayson County Shelter when you order.