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Triple Fatal Accident On Highway 70


MARSHALL COUNTY, OK -- A deadly crash in Marshall County claims the lives of three people, including two children.     

The wreck shut down the highway between Ardmore and Madill for several hours Tuesday morning.

Commuters on Highway 70 could only wait as emergency crews worked near Simpson Road just west of Madill.

"I just seen that they closed the road off and there was a helicopter," said Vicki Woodruff.

The highway was shut down around 9:30 when troopers say 29 year old Todd Leonard of Oklahoma City and two of his three children, a three year old and a one year old, were killed.   

They say it happened when the family was hit by a westbound semi while it was trying to avoid another vehicle that was turning.

"He locked up his breaks, and in an attempt to avoid those vehicles causing him to travel left of center," said Lieutenant Darian Galloway.

Galloway says the third child was flown to a hospital in Oklahoma City.

"Well, you just think of the family," said Donald Robertson.

Donald Robertson who lives on property just south of the highway says he's had a couple close calls.

"People cause the accidents," said Robertson. "Breaking the law, not respecting the law."

Captain Ronnie Hampton of OHP says the 9.2 mile piece of Highway 70 that runs from Oakland to the Carter County line, is a deadly stretch of road.

Since January of 1997, there have been a total of 16 fatal collisions. Killing 29 people and injuring 17 more.

Troopers say to improve safety, rumble strips have been added on the sides of the highway.

Recently, ODOT added another.

"To heighten people's sense of awareness the department of transportation has put one on the center of the roadway," said Lt. Galloway.

But it will be some time before data is available to see if they are effective.

OHP says the accident is still under investigation.

According to the Marshall County sheriff's office, they believe the 7 year old is going to be ok.