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Pottsboro pharmacists educate patients on medication cocktails


SHERMAN, TX -- When you go to the doctor you're always asked what types of medication you're taking. But all too often patients don't realize they're not telling the whole truth.

"We offer this Partner in Education program and it's all about health and wellness topics," Joyce White said.

Tuesday's topic focused on the harmful effects from mixing prescription pills and over the counter medication. Pottsboro pharmacists Mark and Sue Peippo call them medication cocktails.

"Medication cocktail is what we call a poly-pharmacy," said Sue Peippo, "so multiple pharmacies."

The Peippos led Tuesday's meeting. They explained how mixing certain medications can cancel out their effects. They say mixing other medications can amplify them into having deadly consequences.

"Hopefully people can understand their medication and know that the synergistic effects of medication where two plus two should be four sometimes two plus two could be an eight," said Sue.

Joyce White is the Family and Consumer Science Agent for the Grayson County Agrilife Extension office.  Her office has been helping host these classes almost every month for the past five years. She says they give Texomans a chance to get a second opinion without the co-pay.

"We have doctors and pharmacists and people who are experts in their field to come and talk," White said.  "And they don't often get that chance to ask those questions for free."

If that's not a good enough reason to come, they offer free pie and coffee each class. The next one will be April 15 at 12:10pm. All of them are at the Texoma Council of Goverments building in Sherman.