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Riley Returns Home from Hospital after Sledding Accident


VAN ALSTYNE -- A Texoma teenager who was severely injured in a sledding accident back in December is out of the hospital.          

Riley Sprowl came home today roughly 3 months after a life changing sledding accident left him paralyzed from the neck down.     

It was an outpouring of support for Riley as he made his way home from the hospital.

"Since this accident happened these kids have supported Riley and have been there in their thoughts and prayers all the way through and him coming home today is a very special day for the whole community," says Dr. David Brown, Van Alstyne's high school principal.

Riley's father says the last few months have been exhausting.

"The whole thing has been devastating. The last couple months has been more of just being tired and mentally and physically exhausted," says Jason Sprowl.

However he says Riley's spirits are high.

"His spirits have been real well, up beat through this whole thing. I wish we had his confidence I tell him all the time. We do expect downs in the future but we will be there. We are going to get through it. The sky is the limit," says Sprowl.

Riley had the support of thousands as his family was escorted home in Van Alstyne.

"We went out and set our trucks up, turn on the lights and sirens, spread our deck guns across the road basically just to show our support. He's been through a lot and just wanted to let him know people are here for him," says Lieutenant Ryan Dockery with the Van Alstyne Fire Department.

"Its really over whelming. I can't even explain. We are going to try some how to figure out how to thank everybody. We are working on that," Sprowl says.

"This story with Riley is so motivational for everybody. Just thinking the obstacles he has overcome. It makes all of us reflect on how we are in our lives and that with support and faith we can overcome anything," says Dr. Brown.

The journey ahead of Riley will not be easy, but his friends say he is strong and has remained positive.