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City of Denison to Build New Water Pump Station on Lake Texoma


DENISON, TX--- The city of Denison is getting a new water pump station. Tonight, the city council unanimously agreed to authorize an agreement to construct one at Lake Texoma. City officials said they need the new pump station for many reasons.

Sixty years ago the city built two pipelines and pump stations to take water out of Lake Texoma.

"Only one of them is operable right now," Public Works Director David Howerton said.

Howerton said the pump stations are now outdated and face several problems associated with their location and depth. One problem being silt and zebra mussels entering their intake structures. This is one reason why Howerton said the city needs a new pump station.

"We need to get to a point where we can take water all the way down to an elevation of 590 feet, which is ten feet lower than the current lift station," Howerton said. "That would be in a spot that would not have the potential for siltation."

"We will be evaluating some options to be able to protect the pump stations from the invasion of zebra mussels," President of Alan Plumber Associates, Inc. Alan Tucker said.

Some Denison residents wonder why the city needs an additional pump station if Denison is already pumping water from Lake Randell.

"During wetter years, when it does rain, we get a good amount of water from Lake Randell," Howerton said. "However, as the Denison population continues to grow we need to access more water from Lake Texoma."

Tonight, the city council unanimously voted to authorize an agreement with Alan Plummer Associates, Inc. to construct the new station. The new pump station will cost roughly $8 million and the funds for this are available in the city's "Water and Sewer Bond Fund" reserves. Howerton said the project will extend over the next three years.