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Public Meets To Discuss Lake Texoma


KINGSTON, OK -- A public meeting was held in Kingston to discuss the low water levels at Lake Texoma.

Hundreds of Texomans filled the auditorium at Kingston High School Saturday to talk about the issues facing Lake Texoma.

"I know of no other place in the world I'd rather live, than right there where we are on Lake Texoma," said James Cruson, a long-time resident on the lake.

Cruson says he's been living on Lake Texoma property for over 40 years, where water levels are at 608 feet, more than eight feet lower than normal for this time of year.

"I'd like to see it not be limited to a 100 year life span but an unlimited lifespan," said Cruson.

The Facebook group Save Lake Texoma organized the meeting to give legislators, business owners and residents a chance to discuss the drought and the impact low water levels are having on the lake.

"This lake brings in way too much money to our economy for recreation to be so far down on the list," said Robyn King, founder of the Save Lake Texoma Facebook page.

Senator Jerry Ellis reminded the crowd of the recent battles for water between Oklahoma and Texas legislations.

"They just need to gain general knowledge about what's taking place with their parks and their water which they're all closely connected," said Ellis.

King hopes the meeting will encourage people to take notice and contact their elected officials.

"We're trying to get them involved so they know that we're serious," said King.

For more information on the Save Lake Texoma organization, you can find a like to their website here.