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Sherman Braum's To Close After 37 Years In Business


SHERMAN, TX -- Customers of a longtime Sherman restaurant are upset tonight after learning it will close its doors next week, and it's not the only one. One neighborhood is losing a big slice of its dining business.

Ice cream, milkshakes, and hamburgers. Eating at Braum's in downtown Sherman will soon be a thing of the past.

"I go to Austin College and I get stressed so it's nice to have an ice cream every once in a while," says customer Roxanne Crouch.

The store in the 600 block of North Travis Street doesn't have a drive-thru, but it does hold a soft spot in the hearts of many residents.

"We used to come here a lot when I was a kid, so I guess it just kind of brings back memories," says customer Josh Weir.

"We don't really come unless we want ice cream," says customer Tiawne Heddin.

This Braum's has been open since 1977, but will be closing as of next Sunday, April 23, and it's not the only restaurant in town that's shutting down.

Little Italy on East Houston Street near the courthouse closed Tuesday after friends say the owner got into a dispute with the landlord and other parties over a grease trap.

The owners had moved up from Dallas last summer with high hopes for their business, and the restaurant itself had been open about 6 years. Now, they're trying to sell their stoves and ovens.

Back at Braum's, not everyone is surprised to see the restaurant on its last days. "I just don't eat here every day but you know, it's one of them things," says Weir.

"At first we thought they were closed because it doesn't look very nice out here," says Heddin.

But other customers are upset that they won't be able to eat here anymore. "I come here a lot so it's sad for me," says Crouch.

The closest Braum's are at Highway 75 and Lamberth and in Denison and Van Alstyne, and employees may be able to transfer to other stores.

"I mean this one is really close and convenient especially for college students because they also serve really decent meals for a relatively cheap price," says Crouch.

The Little Italy building owner and a neighboring law office tell us tonight that they couldn't come to any agreement along with the prior Little Italy owners over that grease trap.

Denison has lost Smitty's and Taco Bueno in the past several months, and Jones Family BBQ is listed for sale. Meantime, Old Mining Camp BBQ moved to a new spot on the highway.