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Public meeting tomorrow to discuss low water levels at Lake Texoma


KINGSTON -- It is an issue we've been following for months: Low water levels at Lake Texoma and the impact it's having across the board.

Residents have been sharing their concerns online but now they have a chance to voice their opinions in a public meeting.

Lake Texoma hit a level two draught stage in September when elevations hit to 612 feet.

It's dropped another four feet since then.

The boat ramp at Catfish Bay Marina is busy because there aren't many others open at Lake Texoma.

Jess Atteberry is testing the water before a fishing competition he's in Saturday.

"It's super low," Atteberry said. "There's a lot of hazards out there that we didn't even know existed."

A dock nearby now sits on dry land and a boat ramp has been closed at a cove inside Lake Texoma State Park where there's barely any water left.

Other ramps run by the Army Corp of Engineers are also shut down because of low water levels, the topic of a public meeting Saturday in Kingston.

Lisa Davis is scheduled to speak at the meeting.

She's a wildlife biologist and the deputy director of the organization Restore Lake Texoma State Park.

"Folks here in Marshall County have already gone through six to seven years of issues with the state park and the lodge closing and now we're dealing with the issues of the low water," Davis said.

Davis says the meeting will give legislators, business owners and residents a chance to discuss the drought and the impact low water levels are having on tourism at the lake.

But she says low levels also provide some opportunities including a chance to clean up the shorelines.

"This is our lake and when we invite somebody to our house we clean it up," Davis said.

Water levels at the lake are now at 608 feet, more than eight feet lower than normal for this time of year. The corp says the lowest water level on record is 599.96 feet. It was taken in 1957. A record high was also set that same year after a flood caused water levels to exceed 640 feet.

The public meeting will be at Kingston High School on Saturday, March 15 from 1-3pm. Doors open at 12:30pm. Kingston High School is located at 411 NE 3rd Street, Kingston.

Several people are scheduled to speak at the meeting.

It's being hosted by the newly-formed organization Save Lake Texoma.