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Kid Enjoying Time at the Refuge for Spring Break


HAGERMAN NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE -- Many kids visited the refuge while on spring break.

Emma Cowsert took advantage of her time off from school.

"We just wanted to come out here on this beautiful day and see all the different wildlife."

Cowsert along with many others enjoyed the tram ride through the refuge.

"It was very fun we got to see the shovler, the great blue heron, all of it was just really amazing. The blue heron was particularly amazing. He was really big," says Cowsert.

"My favorite part was the ride whenever we looked out on the little ponds and stuff," explains Makala Klockgether.

The ducks were another sight for the kids to see.

"I really like to see all the ducks in the water they were really cool," says Cowsert.

"They were flying from one spot of the water to the other and some were just floating around," says Austin Klockgether.

The refuge has been quite busy providing activities for the kids to do.

"Spring break has really been busy, we've been just about a hundred to a hundred and fifty to a hundred and seventy-five people everyday coming for the program," says Dick Malnory, a volunteer for the National Wildlife Refuge for the last ten years.

The programs this past week have included nature hikes, tram tours, craft activities, and educational videos.

"We knew grandparents and parents would say oh my gosh I've got these kids for a week what am I going to do? ... Well, bring them to the refuge," says Malnory.

"We had four grandchildren this morning and we wondered what to do. So what better thing to do than bring them out here for some fresh air and they had a great time. It was cold and the tram ride was an experience. The children learned something. It was wonderful," explains Sue Hall who was visiting with her grandchildren.

As for Emma, she loves seeing the animals.

"Just a very good experience to see all the wildlife in its natural state," says Cowsert.