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Ardmore Doctor Contributing Writer To New Book "ReThink Food"

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It's a fact, we are a nation that is getting fatter and more unhealthy all the time. On Good Morning Texoma, Lisanne sat down with an Ardmore Doctor who is trying to change that. Doctor Eddie Ramirez is one of the contributing writers of a new book that focuses on what we eat in changing our lives.

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New Book Rethink Food Featuring 102doctors, 8 super athletes, and 8 nutritionists from around the world, RethinkFood's 100+ experts empower you with a tastefully simplesolution for a healthier, stronger, and smarter you!

We have been led tobelieve that meat and dairy are the foundation of good health. This is a mythand the science can no longer be ignored. RethinkFood brings you 100+ doctors from around the world whosubstantiate why all animal based products are damaging to our health and should becompletely removed from our plates.

Elements in our diets playan important role in the alarming rise in chronic health problems and disease. Weare turning to prescriptions for answers, but they do not address the root cause of diseases. The truth is ourhealth is not completely dictated by our genes.

From the Ivy Leagues of Harvard,Princeton, Yale, and Cornell to the UK, India, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Mexico,and New Zealand, ReThink Food'sexperts explain how we can reverse heart disease and diabetes, eliminate many foodallergens and treat autoimmune diseases, live pain- free from arthritis,prevent Alzheimer's and cancer and so much more! Challenging the status quo,these doctors substantiate how many chronic conditions are related to diet.

Plus as Rethink Food's top professionalathletes show, achieving peak performance and winning gold depends on the typeof diet they are eating.

EddieRamirez, M.D.(@EddieRDMD) is a researcher, author and speaker from Ardmore OK withexperience in 26 countries that works with Neil Nedley M.D.. Dr. Ramirez lecturesextensible in various conferences, TV and radio programs. He is a co-author of the book Rethinkfood