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Denison Officer Hurts Knee After Chasing Family Dispute Suspect


DENISON, TX -- A man is in jail tonight after Denison police say he tried to elude officers this afternoon. The lunchtime disturbance ended with officers running after a man before tackling him.  

Police say this all started with a "family disturbance" but one man did not want to stick around and talk to them about the matter, instead taking off.

He allegedly jumped in a car and then later took off running. It happened around noon and the chase went from the 200 block to the 500 block of West Gandy St.

Now police were able to catch him,.but we're told one officer actually hurt his left knee after jumping over a fence to try to get to him.

One woman tells us she was home with her grandmother at lunchtime when she saw something unusual was going on outside.

"There was like four cop cars out there and they had pulled up they had pulled somebody over and the cop said he told him to get back in the car and then he took off running so they had ran in between my aunt's house, my grandma's and another cop," says witness Misty Shubert.

"My son came in looking for somebody in the house," says witness Mary Williams.

Witnesses say they were concerned that there might be somebody under the house, and the car was towed away.

This type of pursuit where an officer has to chase down a suspect can be dangerous.

In January, Denison patrol Sgt. Michael Byrd, a 12-year department veteran, suffered a stroke following a foot chase. Byrd spent nearly a month in the hospital before being transferred to rehab.

In this case, the suspect was taken to the Denison City Jail. Charges are pending and his name is not being released.