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Local Business Urges Texomans To Recycle Electronics


ARDMORE, OK -- We use them every day, but what you do with your electronic device after you have no use for it could be harming the environment.

A local business is educating Texomans how to dispose their devices properly.

All electronics from TVs, computer monitors, hard drives, cell phones, servers, even electric lawnmowers run out of juice eventually.

"They've just been throwing it in the dumpsters, in their trash," said John Hayes, co-owner with United Electric Recycling.

That's why Hayes and his company say that might not be the best way to get rid of electronic equipment gone kaput.

"The carcinogens in these electronics the lead, the mercury, we don't want to consume that," said Hayes.

Granted, most people would like to just get some old junk out of the way.

"I came out hoping this would not go to waste and cause a problem," said Pat Hargis, who recycled the electric lawnmower with her husband.

But business leaders say the responsibility is placed on them and individuals to ensure electronic equipment is disposed of properly.

"We need to make sure that we keep as much out of the landfill as possible," said Darin Farrell, CEO of Arbuckle Hospital in Sulphur. "These electronics with the plastics and the metals and lead and mercury and everything else that goes into these are bad for the environment when they're not disposed of properly."

Texomans that stopped by at Citizens Bank in Ardmore Thursday to get rid of their electronic waste agree.

"We wouldn't those in a landfill, no," said Peggy Thorne.

Hayes estimates that citizens and businesses in Ardmore recycled more than 8,000 pounds of electronic waste in four hours.

"In the long run, it's just an environmental issue that we want to protect and prevent and we're getting a good start," said Hayes.

Hayes and United Electronic Recycling will be in Sulphur and Davis for another recycling drive on April 5.