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Pauls Valley Purchases Noodling Copyrights for $50,000


PAULS VALLEY, OK--The Okie Noodling Tournament is the single biggest event for one Texoma city. A recent purchase will make sure it stays that way.

Parks and Recreation director Jennifer Samford said: "One of the slogans in our community is 'Pauls Valley: not your ordinary small town', and noodling definitely foots the bill for 'not your ordinary small town.'"

Many Texomans are familiar with noodling--a high-risk sport that involves catching catfish with nothing but your bare hands.

For 15 years, Pauls Valley has been home to the annual Okie Noodling Tournament. In order to keep it that way, the city purchased the event's copyrights for $50,000.

"The trademarking will then come to us," said Samford, "as well as the Okie Noodling website, Facebook and Twitter accounts, so all that marketing potential will be housed under the city of Pauls Valley."

The Washita River is one of the most popular bodies of water that noodlers use during the competition, which already rakes in thousands of dollars each summer. However, now that the copyrights are in the hands of the city, that means even more revenue opportunities for Pauls Valley.

City manager James Frizell said: "It will bring sales tax dollars to the city. It fills our motels up. It brings 8,000-10,000 people into Pauls Valley."

Local business owners think the copyright purchase was a smart move.

"I think it was a good investment. I think they'll get their return and more," said Alpha Elkins, owner of Lou's Liquor.

Owner of Leonard's Super Stop Lenny Brumley said: "Businesses like restaurants and convenient stores, and of course the hotels, that's really good for that part of the economy. And that ripples out."

Shop owners say the noodling weekend is one of their biggest money makers of the year.

City representatives say owning the copyrights will allow them to make about $10,000 more in merchandising alone. They will host the 15th annual Okie Noodling Tournament this June.