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Sherman Woman Outraged After Cats Trapped And Moved Across Town


SHERMAN, TX -- A woman is outraged after she says her neighbor abducted her cats using tuna fish as bait and then dumped them across town.

This feud between neighbors escalated when the police were called last month, and the woman says she is now ordered not to go to the man's property, but she says she's still looking for the missing animals.

Pet owner Jennifer Parker says five of her cats disappeared around December and January. After searching, her daughter found a trap in a neighbor's yard.

"I said sir I'm missing a few of my cats and I see that you have a trap and he said, yep I'm getting rid of them," says Parker. "He said, 'What do you mean, you're getting rid of them?' He said, 'If a cat comes in my yard, I'm getting rid of it.'"

A neighbor tells us he didn't know were the cats were coming from, and they were pooping in front of his door. After putting up with it for months, and calling animal control with no results, he finally took the cats out of the neighborhood off Woods and McGee by himself.

"The police came they told us we weren"t allowed on his property anymore and that he said that he dumped our cats on highway 1417," says Parker.

Parker says she's been to the area near the Hunnington Apartments several times to look for her cats, but so far she's not been able to find them. We also talked to another neighbor a few doors down who says her cat is also missing.

"The neighborhood kids had told us if he had gone in the neighbor's yard again, he was gonna be killed by their uncle," says pet owner Hilary KinCannon.

KinCannon says "Rose" showed up injured by BB guns, and then disappeared around Christmas, leaving her boy devastated.

"When the cat did go missing, finally we just told him he'd found a new home. We looked for him, we looked at shelters, we could never find him," says KinCannon.

"We have two cats and I would be upset if somebody trapped our cat so, how do you know if it's a stray cat or it's not someone else's cat there's no leash law for cats," says neighbor Summer Lewis.

"It'd be either be laid up all around his front porch or you could tell where they'd been. Got a lot of cat crap all up inside the mulch and stuff he'd have to dig it out with a shovel," says neighbor Mark Henderson.

Meantime, Parker says she wishes her neighbor would have acted differently. "If you bait a trap with tuna, you're gonna attract cats from all over the place. Now, if he didn't want cats coming into his yard, if he had a problem with my cats, all he had to do is come and say something," says Parker.

Parker says she's afraid for her other cats, and the neighbor says he's upset after getting threatening comments. Police told us they did not have any reports on this dispute. The two women we talked to are still looking for their lost cats.