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Ada Inmate Died from Meth Overdose, Cellmate to Face Charges


PONTOTOC COUNTY, OK--Four months after a Pontotoc County inmate was found unresponsive in her jail cell, the cause of death has been released.

It was November when 23-year-old inmate Tammy Jordan was found dead in her cell at the Pontotoc County Justice Center. Sheriff John Christian says the medical examiner's office released Jordan's toxicology report on Monday.    

"It was an overdose of methamphetamine," he said.

According to surveillance video that Christian says will not be released at this time, Jordan's inmate--28-year-old Summer Shaw--slipped her a mixed drink containing the drug.

"She has a cup and you can see her putting something into this cup, and it appears that she's mixing those ingredients probably with water," said Christian. "Both her and Tammy drank out of the cups."

We reported on Shaw in January after witnesses say she fired a gun at a Konawa basketball tournament. Patrol car footage shows her after she was arrested on nine different charges--including bringing cocaine onto school property.

We spoke to Jordan's brother on the phone Wednesday afternoon; however, the family did decline to comment. Christian says they are upset with the local justice system, because they don't understand how the incident could have happened. He says it was probably a lot easier than they think.

"Summer Shaw would have brought it in a body cavity, and of course we can't search those without a proper search warrant," said Christian.

Christian says that Shaw admitted she gave the meth to Jordan to the OSBI agents overseeing the investigation. He says Shaw most likely faces a first-degree murder charge, which will be filed Thursday.

Shaw is currently being held at the Seminole County Jail on previous charges. She will be transferred back to the justice center when the Pontotoc County district attorney's office asks that she be returned for arraignments.