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Man Involved In Kingston Standoff Charged With 5 Felony Counts


MARSHALL COUNTY, OK -- A man who police say broke into a home in Kingston last week and beat a 14 year old boy with an extendable baton was in a Marshall County courthouse Tuesday.

"Yeah it was crazy, very crazy," said Amanda Howard. "Just unimaginable my worst nightmare coming true."

Amanda Howard and her two sons still can't believe what happened when they say Brian Deaver broke into their mobile home last Thursday.

Howard says her 14 year old son received several severe head wounds in an attack that led to a 7-hour standoff with police.  

She believes it was planned beforehand.

"I honestly believe it was," said Howard. "I honestly believe that he wasn't planning on any of us getting out alive."

Police released photos of the boy's injuries, but because of their graphic nature, we decided not to show them.

"I never thought he would do it to me," said Jason Howard. "He always said he loved me....but, I don't know."

Therapists at Oklahoma Families First would not comment on this specific case, but they say domestic violence in Oklahoma is very prevalent.

"Because we think, 'Well that's behind closed doors, I don't want to get in their family business.' We need to get in their family business," said Kristi Crutchfield Cox, a therapist at the facility.

Cox says in 2010, 49 percent of women and 40 percent of men in Oklahoma said they experienced violence in the previous year.

She says if you see signs of imminent domestic violence, the first step is to not minimize the action and notify someone else.

"Get help, go talk to someone who's a professional find out what you're resources are," said Cox.

Deaver appeared in a Marshall County courtroom Tuesday and was charged with five felony counts including child abuse, assault and battery with a deadly weapon and second degree burglary along with two gun charges.

Deaver's bond was set at $1 million.

His next court appearance is scheduled for March 20.