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One More Foot of Water From Lake Texoma Means Drought Level 3


LAKE TEXOMA -- If Lake Texoma drops one more foot it will mean the lake enters drought level 3.

Beverly and Robert Bond brought their grandchildren with them to Lake Texoma to go camping on their spring break.

"We have our tent up and we've been roaming around the lake and just having fun," says Beverly.

Its hard for their family not to notice the low lake levels.

"We are fixing to launch a boat and that makes it a lot more difficult for you to launch your boat. It's sad to see the lake so low," says Robert.

"We tried to make a sandcastle and that turned out ok, but yeah its pretty fun when we work with a lot of sand thats been uncovered by the lake," says Dylan Cernero.

Danielle Doggett and Charli Wagoner are on spring break too.

"We just like to go out to lakes and walk around the beaches and wade around. We've already been out to one this week and it was really low too," says Danielle.

The Army Corp of Engineers says the lake is at six hundred and eight feet right now. If it drops one more foot, the lake enters drought level 3.  

"At elevation 607.00 is when the IDMC is formed and IDMC stands for Interagency Drought Management Committee and that is comprised of local county and statewide stakeholders that have a say so or at the table to discuss water management practices of Lake Texoma," says BJ Parkey, Assistant Lake Manager.  

The purpose of the committee is to determine ways to best conserve water for the lake.

"Definitely there is an expressed concern amongst our recreation users around the lake. And same way with our municipal and industrial water supply users and southwestern power users. I mean we all want water in the lake but sometimes we can't make it rain," says Parkey.

The water that flows into Lake Texoma comes from out west. And that is where we see extreme drought right now.

For Bond and their family they can see a difference each year they come out to the lake.

"A couple years ago we came to this same spot and we went fishing off this little dock here and its completely out of the water now," says Beverly.