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Latta Lady Panther Senior Playing for More Than Gold

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LATTA, OK ---- Many high school athletes want to win a state championship for themselves, their team and their town but for Latta's Shelby Parnacher, she wants to win it for a little more than all that.

"I'm playing for my grandpa because he passed away. Because he knew, my senior year we could get there. So I'm playing for him," Senior guard Shelby Parnacher said.

Parnacher's grandpa passed away last July. He was an avid Lady Panther fan and was always there to cheer on his granddaughter and he was able to leave her with some great advice.

"Be the leader, encourager and allow God to work through you; because he will bless you in many ways that you cannot see and many people will not be able to know about," Parnacher said.

Parnacher hopes to help lead the Latta Lady Panthers to their first state title since 1975 and she hopes to do so while honoring her grandfather.

"He just wanted us to play to the best of our ability and to show everyone what we are capable of," Parnacher said.

"I feel like I just want to play for her because she's one of my great friends, she's a teammate, she's like my sister. I would do anything for her. And I hate that she lost him but our team can play for her," Latta senior guard, Taryn Wood said.

The Latta Lady Panthers will take on Preston in the State quarterfinals on Thursday, March 13 at Westmoore High School.