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Texoma Group Raising Awareness for ATV & Hunting Safety


WAPANUCKA, OK----  All too often we hear about people getting in ATV accidents. These accidents can often leave people with traumatic brain injuries, which according to the World Health Organization, are a leading cause of death and disability worldwide.

Here in Texoma, one man nearly lost his life in an ATV accident. Almost two years ago, Craig Northcutt was hunting with his best friend, James Dry, when his life changed forever.

"The night that it happened James and I were chasing coyotes when the ATV flipped," Northcutt said. "My face hit the ground going about 55 miles per hour."

"At first, I thought I'm okay I have a concussion, but the farther we got, I realized I was hurting pretty bad," Northcutt said. "I thought this is not good, I'm in bad shape."

Northcutt sustained a traumatic brain injury which affected his ability to walk, talk, eat and think.

"I spent over a year and a half in a rehab facility in Irving, Texas," Northcutt said. "It was very intense, about six to eight hours a day of nothing but physical therapy, re-training myself to get balance."

If you look at Northcutt today, you can see he's made quite a recovery. He can now walk on his own and is able to talk fluidly, but he stresses that this all could have been avoided if he had been wearing a helmet the day of his accident.

It's these thoughts that led Northcutt and Dry to create the group "Post up for ATV Hunting &  Safety."

"We just want to bring awareness to the possibility that anyone can have an accident," Dry said. "We want people to be safe on their ATV. We want to bring more awareness to kids and youth to wear their helmets."

For the last several months, the two have traveled across Texoma giving presentations about ATV safety. Today, they spoke to the students of Wapanucka Public Schools.
"I've had some parents come up to me and say, I never thought about having my child wear a helmet, now they don't leave the house without one," Northcutt said.

So far, the group has been able to give away more than 75 helmets and they're hoping that number will only continue to grow as they continue to promote ATV safety and awareness throughout the community.

"It'd be great to give every youth in Southeastern Oklahoma a helmet," Dry said. 

Post Up for ATV & Hunting Safety operates solely on donations, so if you'd like to give to their cause, you can like their Facebook page and send the group a private message. They will then message you on how to donate. You can also plan future speaking arrangements by messaging them on their Facebook page as well.