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Sen. Brecheen sponsors bill to repeal Common Core educational standards


DURANT -- According to its website, 45 states, including Oklahoma have adopted Common Core standards.

Common Core establishes math and English standards in classrooms across the states.

But now, Senator Josh Brecheen is sponsoring a bill that would put the use of those standards in Oklahoma on hold.

"There is some information that's coming out and you're going to see a lot of states, some leaders, like Massachusetts who have the highest NAEP [National Assessment of Educational Progress] and SAT scores, they're pushing the pause button because maybe the rigor that was once proclaimed on Common Core is not there," Sen. Brecheen said.

Common Core is just one of the hot-button issues discussed by the Senator and State Representative Dustin Roberts at a legislative lunch at Roma Italian Restaurant in Durant on Friday.

"Try to get the local community involved, get some feedback with them after we finish the committee process and what's coming to the house floor," Rep. Roberts said.

Rep. Roberts explained why he voted against a plan that would reduce state income tax from 5.25 to 5%, a move critics say would hurt state services and result in a Revenue loss of nearly $150 million dollars.

"I am definitely against until we can do something as far as funding pay raises and funding the core issues of government that we're having right now. I cannot support anything especially with the budget decrease we've seen. I cannot support it right now," he said.

Other issues included a plan for the Oklahoma Highway Patrol to make up for a potential shortage of troopers, correctional facility reform, texting while driving and increasing penalties for human trafficking.

Loaded topics set to be discussed as the current legislative session at the State Capitol continues.