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Schools Taking Steps To Provide Healthy Food Options


ARDMORE, OK -- New USDA regulations under the Healthy, Hunger Free-Kids Act of 2010 have ensured food sold in schools will be healthier. Some schools in Carter County have already taken steps to promote healthier choices in the lunchroom.

Most students usually turn up their nose at what's served in a school lunch room.

"What they're serving doesn't look healthy or taste good," said Skyler Langford, a junior at Ardmore High School.

Most students at Ardmore High admit they usually skip lunch and grab something of a less than healthy variety from the school vending machine.

"I'll go in between classes and get the food out of the vending machines because that's the only thing we eat," said junior Tiffany Bates.

Two weeks ago, the white house proposed a ban on ads for junk food and sugary drinks in schools.

Teachers at Ardmore say the process has already started.

"We've already taken steps to eradicate the sale of those unhealthy products in our school," said Bethany Maddox, Health Corp Coordinator at the school.

Only two vending machines are available to students at the high school.

"They don't think they have options and they do," said Maddox.

Early last month, a grant totaling more than $700,000 was awarded to Mercy hospital to educate cafeteria staffs at schools across Carter County on how to prepare healthier school meals.

"The engagement level of the cafeteria staff members those that are fired up about the quality of the food and the nutritional value of the food, it directly carries over into those children," said Charles Spencer, project leader of the grant.

Spencer says the 5-year grant will also provide a registered dietician to help students who aren't aware of their healthy options.

"Those are the ones that take their tray and put it straight in the trash or those are the ones that skip the food line all together and get the snack stuff," said Spencer.

Spencer says the grant will begin on May 1.