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Gainesville Man On Trial After Boy Found Burned To Death


GAINESVILLE, TX -- It's been three years since authorities found the body of Nathan De Alejandro, 4, inside a Gainesville home. Today, testimony began in the trial of the fourth and final suspect.

Prosecutors say the boy was burned on more than 60 percent of his body, and died on the 14th day without treatment. Today, the woman who performed the autopsy told the jury the burns and the infection are what killed him.

Nathan De Alejandro's dad testified that after Nathan's birth in 2007, they all lived together in Corpus Christi for a couple years, until his mom moved him back to Gainesville.

"He was a happy boy just like any other kid you know, he's gonna cry and fuss, but he was a happy kid and he loved to play baseball and I just wish he was here so we could watch him play," says victim's dad Christopher De Alejandro.

He'd call his son, until April 2011 when there was another man in the house, and they wouldn't take his calls. "Anybody that was involved failed to render aid," says De Alejandro.

District Attorney Janice Warder says Nathan suffered burns that went untreated for 14 days, and died that September. Now, the mother's boyfriend, Johnny Earl Alexander, is on trial for injury to a child.

"As far as justice for hurting him intentionally, no. I know he didn't do that. That man used to  take care of me," says defendant's niece Ashley Alexander.

During cross-examination, defense attorney Bob Jarvis said anything is possible with a 4-year-old in a bathtub. But, the medical examiner says she didn't believe the boy would have turned the water on until it was scalding hot and then stayed in that tub.

Dr. Lynn Salzberger testified he should have been brought to the Parkland Hospital burn unit right away. She's not sure how he was burned, but says it wasn't an accident.

"I do believe he deserves some kind of justice because Nathan didn't deserve you know to lose his life because of not being treated properly," says Alexander.

"All of us, everybody in Corpus is ready to let him rest you know," says De Alejandro.

Jarvis said Nathan went to the ER that Aug. 12 with abscesses on the back of his head and on Aug. 31 to the dentist with sores on his head and had bitten his mouth, so he could have already had an infection.

"I'm just hoping for some kind of peace here you know, I want this all to be over with. I'm ready for my family have my normal life back," says Alexander.

"Whatever justice gives, I mean, he deserves, but that's not gonna bring my son back," says De Alejandro.

Warder says Alexander had recently gotten out of prison on a similar child injury charge, and now faces 15 years to life if convicted. His parents were sentenced to seven years and the mother, Catrina Maldonado, to life in prison, in connection with Nathan's death.