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Winter Weather Causing Blood Shortage


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX----  Recent icy weather has caused a lot of problems for people in our area.  It's also created a shortage of blood donations.

Nationally, the American Red Cross is reporting,  that their January blood supply was the lowest it's been in the last ten years.

They say that's why now, more than ever, it's important to donate. In our area, the Texoma Regional Blood Center is in need of all blood types.

"We are low on A- and B+ positive,"  DeeDee Morehead with the Texoma Regional Blood Center said. "With the amount of hospitals that we supply to, you never know what's going to happen that we'll need another specific blood type tomorrow."

She said in order to donate, you have to be at least 17 years-old and weigh a minimum of 110 pounds. For more information on donating, click here.

In the next week, the blood center will be holding several drives around town:

For more information on the Texoma Regional Blood Center, click here.