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Collision Kills Two Just Outside Of Lone Grove


HIGHWAY 70, WEST OF LONE GROVE, OK -- It was a chaotic scene on a Carter County road Tuesday afternoon when a semi collided with a car killing two people.

Two people are dead after an accident on Highway 70 just west of Lone Grove.  

It happened shortly after 4 in the afternoon.

"The car pulled in front of the semi and the semi T-boned the car," said Chief Robert Oldham.

Police say a white Chevy Cavalier was west bound on Highway 70 and was turning south on Young Road.

That's when a semi headed west collided with the car.

"Once he hit the car, he had veered to the right and just went off in the ditch and rolled over," said Oldham.

The two drivers were the only people hurt in the accident.  Both were pronounced dead at the scene.

"The driver of the white car was not wearing a seatbelt," said Oldham. "I'm not sure of the driver of the semi."

Oldham says no other injuries were caused by the collision.

The Lone Grove police department says they are continuing to investigate the accident.