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Voters in Grayson County head to polls for primary election


GRAYSON COUNTY -- Ice still frozen on some sidewalks didn't get in the way of voters in Grayson County who began turning out bright and early to cast their ballots for the primary election.

"It's a privilege and we want to make sure that the candidates we choose get a chance to get elected," voter Bill Whitson said.

Some were met with handshakes, others saw campaign caravans but no voter could miss the onslaught of political signs allowed beyond 100 feet from the entrance of a polling place.

"We've had almost 1,000 people vote in Grayson County this morning and considering there's still ice on the ground we think that's great," Grayson County Election Official Deana Patterson said.

Political signs line the walls inside the Grayson County Republican Party headquarters in downtown Sherman.

It's where many candidates plan to watch results roll in.

The Grayson County Elections Administration will tally the results electronically from their offices inside the county courthouse, one of the final steps of a new voting system adopted by the county late last year.

This is the first election Grayson County voters don't have to go to a specific precinct to cast a ballot. They can now go to any of the 22 new "vote centers" located throughout the county.

"So hopefully that will provide simplification, convenience for the voters," Patterson said.

Patterson says more than 5,200 people voted early.

The Grayson County Democratic Party says a little more than 500 of those ballots are from democrats, which lacks a candidate in any county election.

"But we're very pleased with the slate of candidates for statewide office and hope to see people turn out to vote for Wendy Davis," Democratic party chairman Lander Bethel said.

In Grayson County, two justice of the peace positions are up for grabs along with a county commissioner seat. But, the most hotly contested race has been the race to become Grayson County judge.

"I don't like mudslinging," Republic party chairman Larry Millson said. "I understand that politics is a serious thing to these candidates, the electorate itself. you know the voters want to hear these things but we're hope that they're hearing the right stuff and not being turned off by anything."

A run-off election will be May 27 for races where no candidate receives more than 50% of the vote.

The midterm election is Tuesday, November 4.