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Icy Roads Monday Morning Cause Havoc on Roadways


DENISON -- Silvester Johnston got his truck stuck on a hill after exiting highway 75 in Denison Monday morning.

"Its just ice on the road and its stuck. I'm going to go in now and try and get some cat litter and see if I can spread some cat litter out to get unstuck."

Officials in north Texas reported several minor accidents around Grayson county.

One truck along highway 75 slid off the road near Texoma Medical Center causing a traffic jam.

"They're super slick. I actually drove up from Austin last night in the middle of the storm and it was really bad. But I got a 4 wheel drive so thankfully I wasn't sliding around too bad," says Texas driver, Eric Hemati.

"I came down 75/69 just two wrecks down from I-40 and I-40 going east and west in Oklahoma was just impassible, impassible this morning. I've lived in Boston the last 12 years and I don't see ice like this in Boston but five years ago we had nine feet of snow so this is what y'all can expect here in the south," says Gary Young, another driver in Texas.

Clear skies and bright sunshine helped to melt a lot of the ice on heavily traveled roads Monday afternoon and many drivers said conditions improved after lunch.

"They're getting a lot better, a lot better. It was nasty this morning but this afternoon the sun is doing its job," says Paul Huffmaster.

However, most low traffic roads are still packed with ice. And anything wet will refreeze Monday night so officials are urging people to stay home and off the roads unless you absolutely have to get out and drive.