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Re-freeze expected overnight on roads in SE Oklahoma


BRYAN COUNTY -- Plenty of sunshine melted much of the ice on roads across southeastern Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation says crews have been out since Sunday morning pre-treating roads.

Since the storm, it says it's been using plows, motor-graders, and salt and sand on the roads when needed.

The ODOT says there have been many vehicles sliding off roads.

Some drivers said road conditions improved north of the Red River.

"The worst was right down there in Denison which was really strange. I hadn't counted on that. I didn't think that would be and then they've been a little bit slicker than I thought even coming on here. But I think it's going to clear up," Tulsa residents Ramona and Dudley Hardin said.

While much of the ice melted Monday, the ODOT warns any liquid on the roads will re-freeze overnight.

"Right now, we're getting some really good melting so we're able to cut most of this back off. However, we expect temperatures to drop as the sun goes down tonight so anything that's wet will refreeze into black ice," ODOT Division Maintenance Engineer Ashley Hawkins said.

Late Monday afternoon, ODOT says slick and hazardous conditions were still being reported in Bryan County.

According to Hawkins, in Bryan County, US 69 is clear and dry from Texas state line north. US70 west of Durant is clear to county line.

In Marshall County, Hawkins say all roads have driving lanes open with the exception of 70F, 70A and 70B.

In Choctaw, Atoka and McCurtain Counties, he says all roads are clear.

In Pushmataha county, Hawkins says roads are clear in the southern part of the county. North of Antlers, roads are still snow packed.

In Pittsburg County, he says US69 is clear and US270 east and west of McAlester are clear.

In Latimer County, Hawkins says all roads are mostly clear with isolated slick spots.

In Leflore County, he says all roads are still ice packed at this time.

Hawkins says he expects roads to be clear in all ten counties by three tomorrow afternoon.