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McCurtain Co. Mom Says Son Wrongly Convicted For Sex Crimes


IDABEL, OK -- A McCurtain County mother is speaking out after her son, Brad Porton, was convicted of multiple charges, and she says that he's innocent of the crimes.

Brenda Porton says she is in disbelief after her son was convicted of nearly 40 charges, including sexual battery, sodomy, second degree rape, showing obscene material to minors, and providing alcohol to minors.

"You're saying none of this happened? All of these counts?" KTEN asked.

"None of this happened. This home is my home. I was in that home every evening. I was in that home every morning. I was in that home at unexpected hours of the day. Never saw any of this happen," says Brenda Porton.

Porton says her 32-year-old son Brad mentored teens, and helped turn one from a floundering high school drop out into a well-paid mechanic.

"There is a young man in our life who calls me mom because Bradley saw at the age of 14 that this boy had no one he hadn't lived with any parent since he was 7 years old," says Porton.

But many residents say after hearing about the case for two years, they've been waiting for a punishment like the one a jury handed out on Friday.

"It takes a sick individual to do something like that and it's usually someone that's a pillar of the community that people can trust that get by with it," says local resident Paul Cribb.

"These are young men that had a future and a lot of their lives have been destroyed from someone that they thought they could trust," says local resident Patricia Ashton.

Prosecutors say Brad Porton first approached a few of the teens on a snow day four years ago, claiming to be a newspaper photographer, and also claimed to be a counselor, later meeting other boys.

He's also facing charges for a separate case in which he allegedly stole pills while working as a pharmacy tech in Broken Bow.

"I expected in McCurtain County not to get a fair trial," says Brenda Porton.

Despite the testimony of 14 different boys, Brenda Porton says her son is innocent, and points to a civil lawsuit. "This is all about a group of people looking for a way to make money," says Porton.

Brenda Porton says she's lost her life savings and her job during this process, and had to move Brad to Norman in 2012. He's now in jail and his sentencing is set for April 7.

Prosecutors say they hope the conviction will help the victims move forward.