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Teen arrested in connection with viral dog-tossing video


CHOCTAW COUNTY, OK -- A horrific video is circulating the web that shows two Texoma teens throwing a dog off a bridge.

One person has now been charged in connection with the case.

The video went viral on social networking websites after the Choctaw County Sheriff's Office says the people responsible began posting and bragging about it online earlier this week.

The video is tough to watch. It shows two males tossing an adult Pitbull-mix off a bridge.

"There's no excuse for that under any circumstances," Boswell resident Nell Miller said as she watched the video.

But what's more astonishing is that the dog in the video survived the 100-foot fall.

The video was recorded on a two-lane road just outside the small town of Boswell, Oklahoma.

It was posted with a profane message superimposed on the social networking website, Snapchat, and went viral when it was shared on Facebook.

"I've had hundreds of calls and emails, Facebook messages and there was a lot of upset people over it," Choctaw County Sheriff Terry Park said.

The veterinarian now treating the dog says the video could be the reason the dog survived.

The veterinarian says a good samaritan heard what happened then went back to the bottom of the bridge expecting to find the dog dead. Instead, when they looked over the side of the bridge they told the veterinarian they saw the dog's tail wagging. She was taken to All Animal Veterinary Hospital in Atoka, Oklahoma.

Sheriff Park says the suspects are 16 and 18 years old.

The juvenile was arrested Friday at Boswell High School.

"He will be transported to the Choctaw County Sheriff's Office where he'll be booked into the jail and then released back to the family," Sheriff Park said.

The Sheriff says the other suspects in the video will be brought to justice, too.

In the meantime, the veterinarian says the Pitbull-mix has a cut on her right side that will need surgery and a dislocated wrist.

She says at least 10 people are already on a list to adopt the dog that's now named Miracle because it's the only way they say they can describe how the dog survived a crime this cruel.

The 16-year-old is charged with cruelty to animals.