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City Commission Candidates Meet WIth Chamber Members


ARDMORE, OK -- Over the past two days, voters have been casting their early ballots for an Ardmore city commission seat.

On Friday. the candidates spoke with members of the chamber of commerce and talked with them about some of the issues facing the city.

Early voting is now over in Oklahoma, and a seat on the Ardmore city commission is on it's way to being filled.

But earlier Friday, candidates met with various members of Ardmore's chamber of commerce, as well as the general public, to educate them on their positions across a broad spectrum of issues.

"If we can get that college going, then we got a great hold on a future," said Darrell Mink.

"We need to continue to work on our infrastructure," said Doug Pfau. "Our sewer system our clean water."

Bob Drake, who owns several businesses downtown says he was impressed by both candidates.

"We look forward to a commission member who wants to continue the growth of Ardmore," said Drake. "To continue the work on the streets which was mentioned."

Members of the chamber agree.

"I think we have two great, qualified candidates and it was just a real pleasure to meet them," said Lynn McIntosh.

Topics ranged from education, water sources, drug trafficking and infrastructure.

"We need to secure and help develop and work on the drug problem we have in Ardmore and make it a safe community for everybody," said Pfau.

"If we can give them the infrastructure to work with, then they can draw in the economy, the economic development, that will help Ardmore maintain for the future," said Mink.

Both candidates felt Friday's discussion with the chamber members was well received.

"I think it is especially in the group that showed up today," said Mink.

"It's good to get what your message is across to them so that they can go out and spread the word to the rest of the people that vote in the community," said Pfau.

The election for the city commission chair is on March 4.

The Ardmore chamber of commerce president Mita Bates says they will hold another legislative luncheon in two weeks.

Senator Simpson and Representatives Ownby and Hardin are scheduled to attend.