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Crafty Creations: Winter Crafts

WINTER is still here! For an easy and VERY inexpensive natural craft, take a walk to gather some pinecones, then add some ribbon and you'll have a new look for the front door.
6-8 asstd. pinecones-unbroken with stems or small top dents
grosgrain ribbon 6yrds
hot glue gun and glue sticks
yard stick or measuring tape
embellishments: buttons, wooden letters, bells-optional
favorite music cd
FIRST-Play Music
Choose which pinecones will make the cut. This will have some movement when hung, so make sure there is nothing that may scratch your freshly painted door or new glass. Pick several sizes and shapes.
Cut your strips of ribbon using the yard stick or measuring tape. Each strip should be 24-26 inches in length. This doesn't have to be perfect, but cut on the diagonal for less fraying.
Knot one of the strips at the end, and hot glue the knot on top of the pinecone.
Repeat this on all the cones.
NOTE: If you find some pinecones with the stem, you can tie the ribbon on, use a small bit of glue though, to avoid ribbon slippage.
After all the cones have their ribbon, play with the arrangement. Pull some of the ribbons up shorter so some of the cones are higher and create a natural "pyramid" and swing easily. Putting smaller ones in front and higher works best.
You can then tie all ribbon ends into one big knot.
(If you're having doubts here, you might want to staple the ends, as you have arranged, then knot.)
For a personal touch, add buttons or wooden initials to the cone's top knot.
Small jingle bells can be tied on to a stem or two.
Ribbon colors can be assorted also. Use the front door & shutter colors
 or use all white & silver for the frosty wintry look.
This morning's segment included twine on the smallest cone. I've also used strips of pearls for a feminine touch.
These can be made in smaller cone sets, say 3-4 and tied to the back of your chairs.
Hang on a nail or plastic disc with hook made just for glass (wet this first).
So if we get some more snow in Texoma, take a hot cup of coffee or coco and a stroll,
gather some nature and get crafty!
"Winter is a season of recovery and preparation." Paul Theroux
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