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Last Day For Grayson Co. Violators To Pay Before Warrant Roundup


SHERMAN, TX -- Time is running out for anyone with outstanding warrants in Grayson County. Deputies plan to go door to door and start making arrests.

There's one more day left before the deadline in a state-wide effort to round up wanted criminals, and deputies say if you know that you owe something, it's time to open up your wallet, or you could wind up in jail.

Deputies say Friday is the last day for violators to pay up. "You will be arrested for your fines and court costs or for your tickets," says Sgt. Sarah Bigham.

The Grayson County Sheriff's Office is among some 300 law enforcement agencies across the state participating in the annual Great Texas Warrant Roundup, and plenty of back fines have been coming in this week at the payment windows for misdemeanor and felony cases at the Grayson County Justice Center.

"People need to contact any agency they believe they have a fine or a court cost or a warrant with municipal courts, JP courts," says Bigham.

The Sheriff's Office says people who owe their fines can come in and pay them even while deputies are out looking for them next week, but encourage people to do it before then and expect tomorrow to be a busy day.

"The deadline for people to come in and pay their fines and court costs to avoid arrest is Feb. 28, and anytime after that, we don't give a specific date, but anytime after the 28th the warrants can be attempted by our deputies. They are attempting warrants now," says Bigham.

Last year, the Sheriff's Office arrested 27 people on the first day of the roundup, but deputies say there's an easy way to stop them from knocking on your door, by paying off your fines. Some people have been coming in and using tax refunds to clear warrants.

"We encourage everyone to come out and take care of their tickets and their warrants before we come out and look for people," says Bigham.

Other agencies will join the Sheriff's Office in the search for those with active warrants. We're told those who don't settle up tomorrow could be arrested at work or school.