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Vanoss Parents Up in Arms About Animal Abuse Case


ADA, OK--Pontotoc County parents are up in arms about an animal abuse case they say recently happened in front of young children.

Randall Brown has two children in the Vanoss Public School system. He says last week on February 18th they came home with an alarming story.  

"And it turned out being this horror storing about mutilating an opossum," said Brown.

Brown and other parents say the school was hosting a petting zoo in its agriculture building when three high school boys bought one of the baby opossums on display and began torturing it in front of other kids.

"Started breaking its legs,kicking it around the floor," said Brown. "You know, threw it down the agriculture building, eventually kicked it outside and terminated it with a baseball bat."

Vanoss mother Sierra Rich said: "I mean that's serial killer status. I went to school to be a criminal investigator, and that's something you're always told."

According to parents, the boys' punishment? Three days suspension.

Representatives with the Vanoss School System said they could neither confirm nor deny the incident. Parents, however, say they're upset because they feel as though the issue has been swept under the rug.

"I believe the three-day suspension was a bit light--very light in fact," said Brown. "I believe they should have been expelled with the possibility of coming back after a mental evaluation.

Rich said: "Counseling, something. Definitely something more than suspension."

When asked about the situation, Superintendent Marjana Tharp said the school had "dealt with it."

"However, the district is unable to comment in light of student privacy concerns," said Tharp.

So far, no criminal reports have been filed.

Parents we talked to say there was a cell phone video of the incident, but that school faculty asked it be deleted. Brown says he and other concerned parents will be attending the next school board meeting.